Gather Materials & Dog 

Felt:  Greens, Black and White

Step 1 - The Fancy Pants 

opening for head
leave an opening for dog's front legs

Step 2 - The Gentleman's Jacket

opening for head
This is all one flat piece. Build layers with cut felt.  Leave an opening for dog's head.  Add gold, braided ribbon. Secure back belt around the dog's body, to hold in place, make sure it is long enough to tie. The opening for the head will also secure it to your dog. Fill arms with Polyfill and glue on hands. I used my best friend, Mr. Hot Glue for everything.

Step 3 - Adorn with matching lucky charms for you and your dog


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Step 4 - The Beard & Sideburns

Glue orange yarn to elastic. The trick here is to pull apart each piece of yarn (after glueing) to give the effect of hair.  
Tie Beard around neck and safety pin together.  Do the same with another piece of elastic and attached to a small green hat (you can find this at Party City).  
Decorate the hat with ribbon, stickers, LUCKY CHARMS.  etc. Attached sideburns to hat with glue and secure hat to dog with a safety pin.
Free Shipping, Necklace
to attach to dog's collar.  Order today to make St. Patrick's Day


not shown with beard here, equally as cute.

And there you have it!

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